The Caleb Ewan Thread

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Lotto aren't asking from Ewan to win TdF sprints, that's absolutely not the point. They simply ask he keeps sprinting till the line when he can get a UCI points result, and don't let go so he gets swarmed by 20+ riders, scoring no points at all.

And this is the TdF. Just look at what riders like Petit did yesterday: a huge bleeding gap in their leg, they grit their teeth and they don't give up. Ewan voluntarily gave up in the biggest race of the year when the team most expects him to get points (there still were 3 sprinting chances in the last week of the Tour. All of those are waisted now.), but he made the choice to DNS as he knows he will get his paycheck anyway. Ewan didn't even inform Jasper De Buyst of his DNS: De Buyst rode his a.. off the day before, and looked like he was caught off-guard being interviewed at the start of the Saturday stage and being informed that Ewan wouldn't start. Every DS (and team mate) would be seriously annoyed actions like this.

What is left for Lotto vs Ewan the rest of the season? Lotto wants the points, Ewan wants...? With the mountaineous Vuelta, I think another GT is out of the question. Smaller one-day races? It seems like Ewan has had a year too much at Lotto.

Ewan abandoned during stage 13, it wasn't a DNS. So I don't know what you mean with the De Buyst interview.
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Ewan abandoned during stage 13, it wasn't a DNS. So I don't know what you mean with the De Buyst interview.

I was wrong, it was an interview after the finish.

Still De Buyst didn't see the DNF of Ewan coming on that stage (interview on top of the Grand Colombier), and was very much disappointed.
He said explicitly, when the reporter asked: "Did you have the feeling that it wasn't worth it anymore (for Caleb) to keep pushing" -> no, I don't think so. I think you have to try and push in every single stage, that's why I pulled him yesterday for 160K to the finish.

That really says it all how disappointed Ewan made De Buyst feel.
efforts when he’s not close to winning

Yes, so that's not a valid reason to be annoyed then? What has that to do with supposedly (he had De Buyst when he was fit again btw, he just doesn't like following him for some reason) not having teammates in the end? You can't ask a rider that earns between 1.5 and 2M a year to actually try to get the best result possible anymore?

And no him not sprinting to the line every time isn't the only reason why the management (and teammates) are done with him.
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Did you guys notice how strong Jasper de Buyst was in the last weeks? I almost forgot he could ride for own results. But he was extremely good since the Tour.

De Buyst was like a brother to Ewan, and sacrificed all his life for Caleb. When Ewan left 2023 TdF, de Buyst was angry and devastated. I think being free to ride for own results did him good in the past weeks. There is a life after being part of Ewan‘s entourage. Good for de Buyst, who should be able to stay at Lotto.

And Ewan, whom I also like, will benefit from a fresh start elsewhere. IMHO he still has TdF stage victories in him - now it‘s time to show he‘s still up there.
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Given the expected wind he'll be DNF after 50kms tomorrow.

The only reason he's at the start of these races is so that Lotto can't actually fire him cause that would be him refusing to work. There's probably some games going on behind the scenes. Ewan not doing anything in races threatining to just take the money and do the exact same thing next year (empty threats imo, would completely ruin his career) and Lotto threatening to not send him to any big races if he stays.
Jun 20, 2023
Some of the sprinters require more encouragement or psychological support i..e Kittel, Bennett, and now Caleb. For the teams to take a hard man approach is very wrong.
Is he done? I like Caleb but the last couple years have tested my belief (and my fandom). If Ewan has the desire and the fitness (and is willing to sign for an amount his results over the last several years merit), I wonder if he couldn't be a good fit for INEOS. That assumes, of course, that INEOS realizes that the next couple of years will be grim for its GC ambitions, so they should build out their squads for stage wins and less dedicated support for the team leader. Both G and Rowe have mentioned how nice it would be to have a sprinter. Viviani ain't it; Ganna showed he would be a superb leadout man. Top-form Caleb could be a versatile weapon.