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The Giro D'Washington

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Aug 13, 2009
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Bicicleta said:
I vote for 53x11's place. PBR and porkrids. I am more of a bud light and Easy Cheese kinda girl. http://cockeyed.com/inside/cheese/cheese.html

Easycheese is love in a can, Easycheese and Porkrinds......Nirvana. I hear 53x11's place has a kegerator.

Back on topic. I wonder if the teams will come over a a week earlier? There are usually some tune up races right before the Giro start it would be cool if they have some here in the US.
Race Radio said:
Dude, didn't you get the memo? We are all crashing at Bicileta's place, although 53x11 also represents an attractive option as well.

You bring the PBR I got the Pork Rinds


Oh man! This is gonna be some kind of PARTY!
No kegerator, but a fully stocked wine selection and wine fridge, a stocked bar/icemaker and central access to the best riding in DC (confluence of about 6 different major cycling arteries).

I would suggest the latter to be sequenced prior to the former.

Regarding a conference room, I'll go you one better. My friend has a condo in the residences at the top of 701 with a balcony overlooking Penn Ave. A key inauguration venue repurposed for the G d'I!!!
Jul 29, 2009
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As Sir Humphrey would say "a courageous decision"

I don't want to sound hypocritical as I love the fact that the NFL comes to London and can't wait for the TdF to return to these shores BUT the fact that they have to have a rest day straight after just doesn't seem right on what should be a daily battle at least for the first week.

No doubt it will generate a huge amount of interest so can be justified economically but just doesn't seem right. Like playing the first day of the Ashes in NY then coming to Lords after a day off in between. It's just not cricket!

Maybe the ToC will have it's prologue in Rome at the same time.
Aug 4, 2009
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Oh dear

I haven't read the whole thread but all I can say is I want to slit my throat. The Giro is the Giro d"ITALIA". It's bad enough it goes to other countries, but another continent is bonkers. A load of Italians living in the USA does make it right.

I live in the UK and think it is mad the TDF comes to our shores occasionally. On this logic we could have a stage of the Tour of Poland, Italy, Australia or anywhere else here.

Next thing, we'll have the Yanks calling the Giro the "World Series of Cycling".

America - If you want a Grand Tour, organise it and invite teams to compete.

If they don't accept, ask yourselves, why not.

Sheesh - what a circus.

/out on my bike in saneland tomorrow/
Jun 19, 2009
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ImmaculateKadence said:
Really? No connection to Italy? Have you been to DC? Have you studied the US constitution as it relates to Roman government? Even that article mentions the sculptures on the Arlington memorial bridge, cast in bronze and given by Italians to DC.

Not to mention 90% of the Capitol's architecture is derivitive from Rome, itself. On a serious note; if they do this they should allow for 3 days of stages and 2 travel days and call it a "trial". They can take the money, inspire North American fans and then be done with a dumb experiment that subverts meaningful tradition. Then promote a real "Americas" stage race that includes Mexico and Canada. Ton's of routes without any brain damage.
So how many here live in DC? This is starting to look like a party itinerary for the Giro if it does take place there in 2012. I can see the Washington Post headlines now:

Cycling forum fanatics tear up Capitol Hill in drunken stupor!
BroDeal said:
This is not freakin' Britain. We'll tear it up while hopped up on the sugar in sports drinks. :)

What? Don't you fancy having a bit of Belgium in your own backyard? Partying of a different kind, plus you will get so many Europeans come across to see both the race and the cities that the race visits even if it is outside of the Summer holidays.
Big_Blue_Dave said:
So how many here live in DC? This is starting to look like a party itinerary for the Giro if it does take place there in 2012. I can see the Washington Post headlines now:

Cycling forum fanatics tear up Capitol Hill in drunken stupor!

I assure you that the Post is pretty oblivious to cycling, save for a quick article on the Clarendon and Air Force Classics in June each year, and the obligatory 3-sentence stage updates during the major tours.

THAT STATED, I like the idea of creating a ruckus. :)

To the folks who will be visiting - we have a tremendous cycling community here. Big racing scene and more recreational and commuter riders than you can shake a stick at.

Even the mayor has been seen clipping in for a race or two. He had a nice little crash on a training ride a little while back as well. I'd love to see Boris Johnson in a Cat V crit. He wouldn't need a helmet, with that hair.


Bala Verde said:
Ok so are we all going to get together somewhere if Fenty pulls it off?

Honestly, if this gets pulled off, I think it would be great fun to go there, do a ride the day before, and then watch the stage in some sort of group.
Jul 23, 2009
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That would make for a beautiful prologue. So crazy it just might work. If I rock my SS in DC does that make me a democrat? And I have to hit that bar just to try the seaweed ale.