The Grand 2022 Wollongong UCI Road World Championships Thread, September 18th-25th

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Really not a fan of guys like the Van Dijke brothers being at the start of the u23 race. I know there's technically nothing wrong with it but 22 year olds that have basically been riding a full Pro schedule with the best WT team in the world for 2 years now shouldn't be at the start of a u23 worlds. Not that they are the only ones (Waerenskjold for example is also a bit meeh, Fabio Vandenbossche riding for Belgium 2 years in a row as a full time pro is also beyond stupid), but they are probably the best out of them. And Kooij is obviously also a full time pro, he's not 22 years old yet, but you shouldn't be riding a u23 race when you have 14(!) pro wins already. Feels dumb. Go sprint against guys like Philipsen, De Lie, Groenewegen, Ewan, etc. in some .1 and .Pro races instead of racing between little kids.
Van Dijke out with corona apparently, but still, here's an interesting statistic for you: Jumbo-Visma, the pro-team, has the most riders in this race bar Axeon and FDJ Conti. And that's without counting Hagenes and Colby. :rolleyes:
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