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The Grand 2022 Wollongong UCI Road World Championships Thread, September 18th-25th

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2 winners today.

  1. Remco Evenepoel
  2. Wout van Choke memes
The faces of half the forum members right now
If France had been all-in for a defensive race, it would have been up to Belgium to make the race hard. It could have played out quite differently, but this was of course a far better race.
Didn't even need to be all in for a defensive race, but you cannot just let your second string ride with Evenepoel and especially not when you have a credible sprint winner behind. They had better learn, because I want to see whether Evenepoel can brute force solo away from the world's best at the biggest race. With Van Aert or Alaphilippe on the same team depending on the race, he won't often simply need to, though.
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Wow, what a ride by the little Eddy! I got up and turned on TV with 77 kms to go - just in time to watch the decisive (and very early) move of the day. Powered by the Frenchmen attacking on Mt not so pleasant the break consisted of solid guys (typical tier II WC attack) except for one guy - yes, Remco was there, the odd one out. The rest of favourites stayed in the peleton. With 3 Belgians, 3 French and soon 2 Slovanians in the breakaway there wasn't strong will to chase in the bunch initially. Soon they build a substantial advantage of 2 minutes - with 3 laps to go the favourites (among them Pogacar and Van Aert) accelerated on the climb and reduced the gap by half but it wasn't enough as the gap started growing again on descent. Soon afterwards Remco performed the decisive attack, first with Lutsenko (who was attacking earlier as well) and afterwards he flew away performing his solo move. The bullet man didn't look back and won in an epic fashion! Congrats! The guys battling it out for the remaining medals fu**ed up, letting the favourite group catch them due to their sprinting "tactics" or whatever in the last couple of kms.
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