The Jai Hindley thread

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Will Hindley win the Giro d'Italia

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This picture appears as if it's taken in a race where he was cheering when crossing the line, and then moments later realized he didn't actually win. That moment of embarrassment when realizing he looks like a fool with his hands in the air and trying to lower his hands without drawing too much attention to himself.
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I have been so impressed with him. He has always been a climbing talent but the way his level rose in this Giro has been very surprising.

Giro podium is more or less certain now, but I am curious to see if he will be able to keep this level in future seasons.
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I just realized that Morrissey has predicted all of today's action 36 years ago, referencing Hindley's close following of TGH:

Hindley wakes, Hindley wakes, Hindley wakes, and says :
"Oh, whatever he has done, I have done"

But we will be, we will be, we will be, right by your side
Until the day you die
This is no easy ride
We will haunt you when you laugh
Yes, you could say we're a team


(Yes, yes, I know - this is a morbid song about a haunting tragedy, but still... it's not the first time Moz has shown prophetic qualities)
True, but apart from Porte at his absolute best neither of them could climb well enough to use it as a weapon against other genuine GT contenders in the way Contador, Froome, Schleck, Quintana, Landa, Bardet, Nibali etc can/could.

I don't understand. Yes Evans won his Tour in TT but he proved several times he could hang with the bests and better some of them before it. Porte? He dropped them genuine contenders like rotten fruits, as domestique. Those I would call weapons. Would Hindley be able to tame 2011 Tour field, or 2013? Impossible to know, and hard to imagine.
I don't want to belittle Hindley, I like him so far, but to call him more world class anything after beating this field (and he hasn't really) than Evans and Porte - who were regularly pitted against the bests - needs more explanation. Maybe the situations were just different.
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Australia's first genuinely world class climber?

I hope so.

(No disrespect to Anderson, Evans and Porte)
I've been thinking similar. Porte was probably a top notch climber when in top form. Anderson and Evans more allrounders. Hindley definitely the first world class pure climber to come from Australia.

I am not sure he can win the Giro but stranger things have happened. Should be in the mix on stage 20 even if that is the diluted version. One thing for certain he is in stellar form and he hasn't turned 25 yet so he should be around a while.
It's a pity that Mitchelton had to leave the race - Hamilton was around the same place on CG with TGH and Hindley before Mitchelton's withdrawal - In saying that, Hamilton probably wasn't in optimum shape.