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The Jai Hindley thread

Will Hindley win the Giro d'Italia

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Kudos to the OP. Yes I was wondering when Jai might earn his own thread. A great ride by him today to put alongside his incredible ride on Piancavallo. I'm with Eclipse - would be great to see him off the leash. Stage 20 his last chance to gain time to offset the TT. Obviously he has a teammate in pink so the only way Subweb can support this is if Kelderman cracks. Maybe if Ineos drill it.
I don't think he'll win, but he could, this year and probably not any other year i think, but since i'm a terrible talent scout i could be completely wrong on all of those points.

I do like his style on the bike and he appears to be a nice guy.

It's weird that a guy with such a realistic chance to win the Giro before the final weekend doesn't have more hype or followship around him, but it is a weird year.
I don't think he's going to win the Giro since he's not really a better climber than Hart and not a better time trialer than Bilbao, Hart or Kelderman. But who knows.
Anyway, this looks very good for a podium and that itself would be something to be very proud of.

There is one thing he still has to learn if he wants to compete with Evenepoel and Pogacar next year and that is putting on a jacket. But I think he will manage that.