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The Podium Slam

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I thought Tour results took precedence so Pogacars 1/1/3 is better than Menchovs 1/3/1
Last year I proposed a slight reworking:
A slight reworking:
I have (as I proposed after the Giro) made number of podiums (actually, number of different GTs in which they have a podium) as a higher stratum for sorting (Jalabert drops, Fernandez Blanco is biggest gainer);
Where total is the same, I have sorted by number of wins, then 2nds, 3rds etc;
Riders still unseparated are sorted alphabetically (I couldn't see what pattern was there previously);
This received 5 thumbs up (including SafeBet, who seems to be the main updater now), and one, equivocating, response against, which received 1 thumbs up. My edit on the post-Giro table received a thumbs up from SafeBet, whose table I altered.

Not really a battle worth fighting that much over: should we have a response emoticons vote to decide, or let Safebet consider it his project to do with as he chooses, or what?
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