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So Maradona died today.
The entire 86 World Cup would have to be one of the absolute best solo performances in sport. He pretty much won the whole thing himself.

Here in Australia at least, everyone wants to focus on the "hand of God" goal without any mention of Maradona scoring one of the greatest goals in the history of the sport in the same match.

The greatest ever (after Pele of course) along with Puskas, and Cruyff IMO.
Never thought that I'd mourn the loss of a sports icon... First time I've seen him was in 82, when he played in my country and I was an avid soccer fan. Talent, passion and that will, especially against all odds, when all is against you is what I'll remember from him...

Btw, he got the popular vote (lol) as the best player of the century (I think) , yet FIFA managed to screw him :p
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