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The thank you Betsy, Greg and Travis poll

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Who do you want to thank the most (multiple choice)?

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Jun 15, 2009
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D-Queued said:

Loved his quarter-by-quarter analogy.

I am still looking forward to the fourth quarter. It feels a bit like we are watching the half-time show right now.

It's going to be a blowout.


I think we are already at the two minute warning.* The game winning FG drive is in process (official stripping of his results). Let´s see if others will complete the hail mary after that (SCA getting the millions back, LA landing in prison). That would be the wildest and greatest 4th Qtr. comeback ever.... :D

* but whatever we call it, i enjoy the ride....
I want to thank the United States Government for investigating Lance. They took Floyd seriously and their involvement locked the witnesses into the testimony they later gave to USADA.

The failure to charge him with anything is quite understandable given the age of the case.

there is a larger conspiracy here, crude intimidation, advanced medicine, silence and/or complicity for all the powers that be. To be clear, media, the main governing bodies, sponsors, top riders, etc, all benefited by the "success" of US Postal and Lance specifically. And I don't even care about doping in sports, I do care about how it was vastly corrupting in this instance. Specific things, Bob Roll, super pleased, in real time as Armstrong threatens Simeoni in the 2004 TdF, WTF? Roll thought it super cool that Armstrong was doing something so unbelievably crappy, unsportsmanlike, etc. "Oh boy, that Lance showing Simeoni who is the boss" or words to that effect. But here's the conundrum, Livestrong has raised something like 500 million for cancer care and research, whether Armstrong intended this or not, my sense is bike racing pales into insignificance relative to this, I mean, its bike racing, a really hard, merciless that often attracts personalities like Armstrong. (he is no surprise for me, just a choice example of the species)