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The worst of race profiles

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Here's the profile of the Dutch championships from 2014 in Oostmarsum. Looking at the profile, one would expect to visit the Dutch equivalent of the alpes. Bit disappointing to see the highest they got was 69 meter :D
tobydawq said:
I have always found the Driedaagse de Panne time trial profile hilarious. Flat as a pancake, yet it looks like an Ardennes classic. I'm not sure that traffic bumps need to be represented in a profile.

I don't know how to post photos, unfortunately, but it can be seen here:


That would be this wonderful profile. They really like playing up those speedbumps :D

I forget what year it was. 2008? When people couldn't make sense of the straight line under the race's logo for one of the de Panne stages until somebody found the page on their website for the next stage and realized oh....that straight black line with no context is the profile.