The worst of race profiles

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*** the quick said:
There is nothing more irritating regarding the stage profiles than using the different Y (height/elevation) axis for each stage.
Although inconsistent X axis confusion can also be an issue, with most people reading the final TT into Milan as significantly downhill when the average gradient is actually 0.22 %
Jun 11, 2014
Is it the Mur de Peguere or Mont du Chat ????

Noooo - just a a simple hill on the official le tour profile for ITT stage 20.

Mein Gott Mein Gott


Netserk said:
velowire images resists deeplinking, so it's better to find a different host for the same image ;)
I think i mixed the preview (which showed the profile without problems) wit hthe submited post... thx for correcting the mistake. And i still need to post my Vuelta stage. Wonder, how many mistakes will be there.
Ah yes, I posted a few of the 2007 Vuelta profiles a while back on here, they had that same problem of stretching out the climbs because they were the important part of the stage, but at the expense of making the actual difficulty of the stages unreadable. They did introduce the 2008 parcours with the same profile styles, hence the image you have there, but luckily before the actual race they updated the profile to the type used until 2015, so we got a more realistic and readable profile:

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