Tirreno-Adriatico 2020 - 7th - 14th September

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That stage was btw a lot harder than the profile showed. I was surprised how much climbing even the 'flat' sections had. So even though MvdP opposition was Fabbro and Guerreiro I'm still impressed he won that. Considering Fabbro is 20kg lighter and will have a lot easier time climbing.

Still a 20km solo from Fabbro deserved more. He was just unlucky that group behind kept working and never hesitated, even with MvdP in that group...
Some background

2017 Tour 14km pan flat ITT:
1st Thomas
Yates +37
Majka +49

If I recall correctly the weather disrupted it a bit but I think Yates and Thomas definitely were before the rain. So even with 4km extra Thomas still didn't get the 39 secs he needs for this ITT. Simon has also improved his TT since and is better than Adam which should mean he'll lose less than the 39 secs than Adam lost to the winner (campenaerts) last year...and I can't see Thomas winning the ITT this year. (still following at the back?)

I'd be more concerned about Majka if I were Yates, obviously as he is closer, but you would think Simon beats him based over past records.

Of course anybody can be brilliant or have a bad day at any point. So what I said above has no real meaning haha.
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