Tirreno - Adriatico 2021, March 10 - March 16

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curious about van aert, he wanted to go for gc but how is he gonna be able to handle those pogacar/bernal accelerations

Honestly this is the main interest in the race for me. I can't really venture a qualified opinion -- surely he can handle short, sharp accelerations, and we know he can grind up big mountains to about 7/8ths of the way to the top. But I'm curious to see how he acts as a GC hopeful, riding in a different way.

At the Tour he was part of a train, wasn't protected etc. and still made Top 20. But here he will have to be more strategic. He's obviously a great TT'er so that neutralizes some of the lighter climbers and even Pogacar if they get to the last stage more or less even.
Listening to some podcasts I am leaning towards Alaphilippe winning this race. The mountain stage is not hard enough and there are 3 stages perfect for classic riders. Ala has proven several times that he can climb with the best. It is the recovery that is the issue with him. But that won't be a problem here.
Van Aert is fouriclasse!!

Van der Poel didn't get involved. Don't know why but he seems to not battle in mass sprints nowadays even though I don't think he's much slower than Van Aert.

Also, Gaviria was sprinting backwards. What happened to him?
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I think VdP knew he wasn't really in a position to fight bar to bar with Ewen WvA etc. He got a little boxed in and probably didn't see a safe way out.

I'm not 100% certain why VdP is in this race, actually. It's not like he needs an extra 2-3% for the next leg of classics...

edit: Maybe Merlier was designated sprinter for Alpecin today? He's been really strong too.