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Let the hype begin! Roglic is racing again, it has been annouced he is doing Tirreno! The race starts with a 11km flat ITT.

Notable GC mentions: Wout, Vlasov, MVDP, Mas, Hindley, Roglic, Adam Yates, Landa, Geraint, Almeida
Notable sprinters: Phillipsen, Jakobsen, Gaviria, Girmay, Wout, Molano, Cavendish, Sagan



Live video stream available on Eurosport/GCN.


Full startlist (not yet final):
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Full km at ~15% average in the middle. Yikes.

This stage is gonna be massive. Harder than the 2021 one IMO, although that weather is unlikely.
You can even easily link the hardest muros in the area ...

Nice. I used the northern entry to Osimo recently in a design, I think it's one of the hardest muros in the area.

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