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Gastrointestinal problems apparently. Not bad to take your time to recover.

On the other hand ... there was a time that those issues didn't stop Dumoulin from winning the Giro.
It's different cause that was under intense exercise. They figured it was food and he could easily ride the next day. They probably sorted the food thing at Sunweb already.

They wanna know 100% what's going on and he's not gonna race before that I think. I don't buy that it's the knee or mental issues.

In any case I think it's way too early to write off the Tour. He used to enter the Giro with fairly limited race days, but he needs to get this sorted. Jumbo's gonna be incredibly happy to have Roglic around, and if Dumoulin isn't up to speed by the Vuelta then I can get behind Andy Schleck parallels.
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Don't know Zonneveld's sources, but he says Dumoulin's power outputs were very good in december during the training camp, then he started going downhill during January. They adjust his training load but he kept getting worse until he got the gastro just before Valencia and he couldn't even train. They're gonna test him completely and expecting to resolved this in the next 2 weeks.

Don't know Zonneveld's sources, but he says Dumoulin's power outputs were very good in december during the training camp, then he started going downhill during January. They adjust his training load but he kept getting worse until he got the gastro just before Valencia and he couldn't even train. They're gonna test him completely and expecting to resolved this in the next 2 weeks.
Sounds like a bug or a virus or something?

No panic about Dumoulin, but there is little room for even more bumps

And another setback. Tom Dumoulin is sick and has to postpone his debut for Jumbo-Visma even further. No Tirreno, no Milan-San Remo. What's going on and what does that mean for the rest of his season?

Somewhere in the back of the third starting section he is surrounded by a couple of hobbyists and amateurs. Under his ass a mountain bike with smooth straps. In a few minutes he will be shot away with a few hundred Sunday riders for his first race in six months. Sure, sure, the beach race at Scheveningen is certainly not the same as the Giro or the Dauphiné, but still. He wants to race. That feeling, that enthusiasm, he missed it.

Secretly, he says, things are going pretty well. He no longer suffers from that bloody knee, he can train full body and during a test his power values proved so good that he cannot suppress a smile. The physical backlog that Tom Dumoulin suffered in his 2019 disaster season seems to have largely been made up. And it's only December. It can only get better.

It won't be.

It starts to falter in the course of January. Dumoulin indicates to his coaches that he is not feeling well. His training schedules are adjusted, but the feeling doesn't get much better. Just before the Tour of Valencia, in which he will make his debut for Jumbo-Visma, he falls ill. Shackery, as weak as a dishcloth - it looks like a stomach flu. But stomach flu passes. Not the Dumoulin problem.

To this day, he is still unable to cycle more than a little. There is a line through the planned altitude training and he announces through an Instagram message that he is also not at the start of Tirreno-Adriatico and Milan-San Remo. And that while the Tirreno only starts in a month. The most important reason: he cannot train properly and at Jumbo-Visma they want him to be fully taxable before they send him on course.

Dumoulin and his team do not know exactly what the problem is. Numerous studies are now being conducted to find out what exactly is wrong. Merijn Zeeman, sports manager at Jumbo-Visma: ,, It's a matter of exclusion and ticking off. Just as long as we have found the problem. ”The results of those investigations will normally arrive within the next two weeks. Zeeman: ,, We will just solve this problem. It is something that can happen to any rider. But it is annoying that it just happens to him, with last year in mind. "


It must be frustrating for Dumoulin. He has not become a rider just to train and to be busy every day with the question of when he can finally add a jersey number again. But quoting if you are not fit is asking for problems. And as much as he wanted to start his year in Valencia and the Tirreno: there are more important competitions this year. The alternative route from Dumoulin probably runs through an altitude training course and the Tour of Catalonia to the Amstel Gold Race and Liège-Bastogne-Liège.

The question is what the recent setback means for the goal of its season: the Tour. What does it do to you if you are not heading for three-quarters of a year? He is missing something. A certain hardness, ferocity, skill in the peloton might also be. Not quoting causes doubts about your condition, about your status. But on the other hand (thanks to power meters among other things) it is a lot easier to measure and to estimate where riders are. You no longer have to drive course after course after course to get yourself in shape.

The test that Dumoulin did in December gives Zeeman every reason to trust his leader. ,, Tom is extremely talented. He kicked one of the best tests of the entire team in December after two and a half months of focused training. It is annoying what he has now, but he will just be there in the summer. ”The team's message: no panic. It is still more than four months until the Tour, there is still plenty of time.

But there is not much room for even more bumps in the road.
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Sounds like a bug or a virus or something?
Sounds like a virus to me. Could very well be the January weakness and the gastro aren't directly related or the gastro is simply because of a weaker immune system or something. I don't think there's direct quotes is all in the guts again.

Gotta give it to Dumoulin. Never has a man captivated his country quite so much by taking a ***.
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I hope they find the cause and it's only a temporary setback.
I've had the feeling for a long time, that if anyone would be able to breach the Sky/Ineos' fortress in the TDF, it would be him. I think his ceiling is higher than that of Roglic, but that Roglic is more of a "robot" who is able to perform closer to his ceiling, while Dumoulin needs things to fall into place in order to reach his true ceiling. In a way, what is happening now kind of relates to that as well. Yes, i'm not talking about Pogacar or Evenepoel who might be able to do it in the future (i don't think Pogacar will come close this year), and with plenty of other contenders there is always something why they fall flat. Be it an abysmal ITT, weak 3rd week, tactical ineptitude... I'm not seeing it for Pinot, Bardet, Quintana, Mas, Yates... But Dumoulin, the gods willing, i think he could do it. Also, he's a pretty colorful guy. Likes to *** and moan from time to time but at least he's honest and speaks his mind. None of that political correct BS.

Hope he comes back swinging.
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In cycling Dumoulin still has a few competitive years left. I said at the end of the last season, based on everything that happened, Vuelta 2020 would be a perfect fit for Dumoulin. Some wanted to see him compete on Giro 2020, that would just be wrong. Tour 2020 is likely OK, as what i imagine Dumoulin will get out of Tour 2020 is much needed confidence in himself. Roglič being under the pressure of results, that will enable Dumoulin to rebuild himself.

As season 2020 started, he got sick, like normal humans usually do in this part of the year, and the sky is falling. Last season he said he doesn't want to be under such pressure anymore, he got enough of that at Sunweb.
I think he still got a lot in it. Starting Giro last year, it's the first time he faces prolonged setback, after years and years with only progress and minor setbacks.
You mean you think it's mental?

I thought he would be a bit liberated after Sunweb and perhaps sharing the team pressure. But then Dutch media pressure will still be 90% Dumoulin. Anyway his comments on the 2018 season were surprising to me.
I'm a bit worried.
I've witnessed too many cases of sudden decline in cycling (and pro sports in general) due to injuries, health problems, mental issues, etc.

We should never forget these guys are no robots. Well, maybe a few are, but most of them might struggle to come back at the top after a number of setbacks.