Tour de France 2020 | Stage 11 (Châtelaillon-Plage - Poitiers, 167.5 km)

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We are talking 3-4% gradients here. It's nearly false flat.

Ewan and Bennett are the two best uphill sprinters in the world. They will properly prefer something harder than this final. It's impossible to drop them on an easy stage like this. What tend to put them in trouble are multiple hills/medium mountains.
Yeah, no sprinter will get dropped on 1km at 3%. All it does is complicate the leadouts
Well... ISN is a WorldTeam, so they'd be here anyway.
Well yeah but I still don't really know why they're here i.e. what they're trying to do. Probably the least relevant team in the race so far. I think Neilands and Hermans have been in a couple of breaks without much success and that's about it.

NTT had a decent chance at a stage win before Nizzolo pulled out, B&B can say they're riding for Coquard (not sure why Rolland hasn't been after mountain points yet though), Direct Energie have at least had Cousin out there trying to do something.