Tour de France Tour de France 2021, Stage 18: Pau – Luz Ardiden, 129.7 km

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Donovan attacks

Add 60km of TT and the same 12 guys would be in the top 12

The 2 best / most consistent climbers are also the 2 best time trialists.

Pogacar the best climber and best TTer of the GC guys
Vingegaard 2nd in both categories

And that's with Roglic crashing out.

on a more ITT-heavy route Uran (usually not a great TTer) could beat Carapaz for 3rd place , but that's about it.

Bernal is not a better climber than Pogacar, Vingegaard and Roglic IMO, except maybe at altitude. I don't think it would change much, although I get the usual argument that it could lead to more aggressive racing in the mountains. But with the current crop of GC specialists... I dunno.

think u may have misunderstood my post.

no complaints about Pog and vingo tops in both skills.
My point is that the riders who are mostly one dimensional would be far enough back as to put them out of contention in GC. This would serve the mountains competition as those riders (like Van Impe, Chiappucci and Virenque before them) would then target the polka dots and have the leeway from the pogs and rogs to do that.

the other thing to consider is how the imbalance towards climbing has also put added emphasis on unhealthy weight loss for all riders in recent times…