Tour de France Tour de France 2022 route rumors thread.

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Galibier south and Croix-de-Fer before Alpe does nothing, you just throw 5 HC climbs in 2 days while trying to get as little action as possible.
This is no suprise. The archtypical way ASO design stages. Galibier - Croix de Fer and Alpe d'Huez/La Toussuire. Or Glandon - Madeleine - one of the MTFs in central part of the Tarentaise valley (La Plagne, Courchevel, etc). And similar things in the Pyrenees. 3 cat 1/HC climbs and a MTF or descent finish around Bagneres de Luchon.
The Tour is like some easy to watch TV show. Great audiences, predictable plot and more of the same in each season.

Even the stage hosts I get the feeling are becoming more and more repeated in short intervals of time. Rodez, Longwy, Carcassone, Mende, I have the impression it's always the same places.
Wonder if we'll ever see Le Markstein in the men's race. The section we see in the middle of that stage in the women's race (Petit Ballon - Platzerasel - Le Markstein) preceeded by perhaps 5-6 more cat 2 climbs, could be a great medium mountain stage in the men's race.
Markstein itself is a very lame climb. It's a bit steeper to start but even a decent amateur rides 20+ kph up there in the second half. If there is a selection to be made on such a stage it definitely has to happen early on petit ballon / platzerwasel.