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Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 12 (Briançon – Alpe d’Huez, 165.1k)

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Kinda boring stage honestly. Would have preferred Jumbo trying to win, but plan for Vinge all along was obviously just to shadow Pogacar and well, all he needs to do is simply just shadow him and then he won the Tour. But as we learned in 2020, that might be a risky strategy to rely upon if you have just one off-day. Oh well.
I would assume they realize this. I think they did a good job isolating him again, and then tried to see how strong he was. If they could have taken time, I think they would have but he was strong today.
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Pidcock finally showing some climbing legs. Good show. Especially after a hard chase. I wonder if he's going to try and stay close in GC, or go for another stage.

He's over 7 minutes down so probably not a GC hopeful. But he's got a lot more respect in the peloton now. I expect we'll see him win or get very close to winning another stage in the Pyrenees.
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The battle for 10th is heating up. Only 7 seconds between Vlasov and Lutsenko.
It's kind of a sad battle considering that nobody behind them is actively trying for GC anymore. Well, Meintjes might if he gets in one or two more breaks, but still, it would be more fun if that kind of rider battled for the polkadots with, er, all those other climbers who are all totally targeting those mountain points this race.
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True, but Vingegaard is stronger then ever before. If he doesn't have a bad day, then it will be difficult for Pogacar to drop this Vingegaard in the Pyrenees. Plus Vingegaard has the strongest team. As I see it, based on the Tour thus far, Vingegaard wins if he doesn't have a crisis or, put differently, he will have to have a crisis (or crash or mechanical in a bad moment) for Pog to beat him now.
I generally agree. But Pogi isn’t out of this yet. We forget he is younger than Vingo so in theory if his prep is similar he too should be a stronger rider this year than we have seen. I think what happened yesterday was poor decision making on the Galibier which really cost him. I doubt he would make that mistake again.
Jonas.. I suffered today... so hot.. 35 degrees at the bottom..
Its was extreme moves Pogacar came with.
He doesn't need to be inside half a minute to stand a chance, the TT is 40km long and if Vingegård has a bad day he can definitely lose more than one minute to Pogačar there. Still Pogačar needs to take at least minute before the TT to have a realistic chance to win.
Vingegaard ain't bad at TT.. beated Roglich at the opening time trial here in 2022 TDF and not far after Pogacar (short one) and also distanced Pogacar in the 2021 Tour de France time trial . at 31km (stage20).. and Jonas took a little under ½ minute to Pogacar and managed a rank3 in that ITT 31km stage20, where Pogacar managed rank8.. who likely also played it safe and calculated to Jonas..
Jonas landing a P3 on the final 31Km in TDF2021 stage20 from a P2 placing.. speaks volumes about his time trial ability...
I don't see much difference between them in TT.
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I agree. Pidders has real GC potential. He's also an excellent bike handler, having won the mountain bike gold in the Olympics. It's crucial skill that's missing from Roglic's game and has cost him dearly.

Agree 100%. Those Cx/MTB guys like Wout/MVDP are a joy to watch. Today Pidcock was 82 kph downhill on a curve and just casually sat up, took his hand off the bars and took a drink. He was counterbalanced with his left knee.