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Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 15 (Rodez – Carcassonne, 202.5k)

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A win would be great if they didn't have any win. When the team already has 3 stage wins (WVA himself 2) a sealed green and pole position for the yellow and 2 important team mates out, risk is not worthy.

I think when you have one of the best pure bike riders in the world -- maybe THE best bike rider in the world -- you let him have as much leeway as possible so he can enjoy the race and build on his palmares, with the understanding that when he is needed by the team, he will answer the call. He has done that the entire race.
Compared with last year's Tour he's been nowhere. I don't really blame him as a 23 year old who started with only one other rider for help on the flat, but it's still not the best time to be throwing stones.
He abandoned Tour of Slovenia with covid. He was super strong last year, in the mountains too, much less so this year but that doesn't mean he's not allowed to respond to questions in interviews.
He should just have quit in the feed zone. I hope ASO send him a bill.

That would be adding insult to injury!
"You fought behind a whole day after having over-heated the other day. Now, pay up!"

Oh, well... guess the Danish party is over: two days since the last stage Danish stage win, two Danes out in a day - with Fuglsang apparently also being hurt - and Vingegaard in trouble.