Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 2 (Roskilde – Nyborg, 202.2k)

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The echelons (hopefully) will occur on the tens of kilometers of coastal strip. The wind does come from the side there, unlike on the bridge. If the peloton breaks up into groups before the bridge, the difference will increase on the bridge.

The kilometers downhill on the last part of the bridge and the last kilometers on the mainland will not be enough to regroup.

But it is possible that all teams would rather have it turn into a sprint.
Classic Magnus Cort break this, soft pedalling and trying to bait the Peleton into thinking they got this under control until they start taking hard pulls with 50km.
Won't work today as teams will ride aggressively too soon, trying to stay at the front because of the wind and the bridge, but it's still always interesting to see.

Crowds absolutely amazing, crazy pictures for a boring flat stage.
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Holy cow, the crowds are amazing. Every single person in Denmark must be out there.
The sport is hugely popular in Denmark, they used to dominate amateur cycling in the postwar era before the Eastern Bloc countries started to solidify. Probably the only thing that stops Denmark from being one of the pillars of the sport's high level races is the lack of variety in the terrain and that when it comes to that type of racing, the Netherlands got there first in establishing its elite calendar.