Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 2 (Roskilde – Nyborg, 202.2k)

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My ride this morning took me to Roskilde. Massive crowds in the area near the harbor. I didn't try to get to the center of the city (where I believe the rider presentation took place) because there were just too many people. Likewise, I passed a LOT of amateur cyclists out to see the race.
I rode from CPH to Roskilde as well, but to see the rider presentation and after that ride to another spot to see the riders pass through the rolling start. Better weather to watch cycling in than yesterday :cool:
Very little surprise that Team DSM got the smallest applause by far. The omission of Kragh has left them with very little fans here in Denmark.
Crowds in Yorkshire were massive on both stages
I wouldn't call the Sheffield stage a flat stage.


Unless you mean the Harrogate and London stages, counting the London stage as being part of the Yorkshire départ because they hadn't got to France yet, although it wasn't in Yorkshire?