Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 2 (Roskilde – Nyborg, 202.2k)

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Been on and off since stage start, maybe watched 30 mins in all, but what a beautiful stage of what I've watched.
Tried the KOM hills at Odsherred propor some 30 years ago, unreal to watch tour riders fighting for KOM points.

Just a real pity with the headwinds over Great Belt Bridge.
It was Preud'homme's will to drop Odense (H.C. Andersens home town, 3rd biggest city of Denmark) as finish town in favor of Nyborg with hope of echolons over the Great Belt.
But south-west wind is most typical direction, so not a real surprise.

I'll be on-stage tomorrow before directly heading to famous Flemish hill challenges the next week.

What a comfortable warm-up to holidays with gardening, packing for travel with a beautiful non-action stage in the background :cool:
But apart from the nice views my impression is maybe 'a bit meeh' for those just concentrated on this stage from the gun....
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