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Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 20 (Lacapelle-Marival – Rocamadour, 40.7k/ITT)

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I keep thinking back to how dominant Pogi looked right up to stage 11. It was clear that Jonas had continued to improve over 2021, but Pog looked unbeatable. Then stage 11 happened with Jumbo throwing the kitchen sink and everything on the wall at the stage, and the Tour changed. Not the same Jumbo mindset as in 2020.
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A bit too reckless by Vingegaard on the descent. He obviously wanted to win the stage but Jumbo dominated the race and looking at how both teams were weakened, I don't think the missing riders would have made much difference to the overall. Vingegaard's form and WVA were dominant. Seems that Vingegaard just improved in the past 12 months and Pogacar wasn't quite in last year's form. Groupama will be happy with Gaudu's ride so the French now have someone else to cheer for after Bardet and Pinot couldn't get it done. Be interesting to see how many of their team they retain in the long term as Jumbo's success will have other teams circling as is always the way. Wouldn't surprise me to see Roglic move on. Not sure how WVA can be stopped from winning the Worlds especially on that course.

Jumbo should still have room for Rog and just have him target Vuelta or Giro as his GT and Vingegaard gets the Tour.
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Why does everybody always think that a crash would be the end?

If he had crashed today and fell into the grass, sure it would have hurt and not been very dignified but there's no way it would have cost the TdF victory.

Anyway, pretty amazing what he has done this race. Too bad he is so bad in the media but every guy cannot be an entertainer.

Clearly you were ignoring the big risk of a more serious injury, most obviously a broken collarbone.
Vingo was not about to slide into a soft field made of eider down, but rather a rock wall that doesn't move, seasoned with unforgiving pieces of rock.
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I only remember being there for u13/u15 football matches. Shitty town, Im sure.

"shitty town"? Is that the language here? :confused_old:
Myself not from this region neither, but clearly visiting their brewery in mid 90ies comes to my mind.
It was in the dull timeframe where the great variety of beers within each brewery in DK disappeared and only a few large mainstream breweries ruled, before the wave of specialty beers and microbreweries luckily swept across the country from around the turn of the millennium.
It was like breathing fresh air to visit Thisted Bryghus and taste their ideas on different dark beers. I remember it was months before I went on a business trip to Belgium, where I really fell into the "pot".

Back on track, history of Thisted goes back to ~1800BC, so the town indeed has aged well!
Btw: Vingegaard's Hillerslev is just in vicinity of Thisted ;)
So, Vingegaard shut down Van Aert's notion about the stage-win gift. Basically saying "He won by 19 seconds. Of course I slowed down by the last 200 metres, but even if I'd gone full speed, I wouldn't have won anyway. Wout was the best today, and I'm happy he won."

At the last official time measurement Van Aert had already come to just over a second. Van Aert was already faster in the last descent. When Vingegaard stopped going full steam from 300 m from the finish, Van Aert already had a ten second lead. No one climbed the last slope faster than Van Aert. I think Vingegaard heard from the team management or from someone on the climb that he couldn't win anymore.
By not going full speed for those last hundreds of meters, a few more seconds were added.

But Van Aert did not know that he already had that much lead over Vingegaard on that last climb. That is why he initially thought that Vingegaard had given him the victory.