Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 6 (Binche – Longwy, 219.9k)

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Ok, if they are splitting duties, do it if you must. But UAE has not been in the front AT ALL in the last 50km. That's ridiculous.
UAE probably don't consider Van Aert or Fuglsang threats to GC. I imagine they're also not too interested in the stage.

There are 18 other teams not represented in the breakaway, and quite a few of them have a greater incentive than UAE to chase.
I don't know why anyone, even UAE should worry about this? Why should anyone? None of the breakaways are a real GC threat in the long run. Just let them go and have a chill day in the sun lol.

No GC teams should even have to worry about this.

Also agree with what Hinault just said that everyone should go against Pog.
If Fuglsang gets 10+ minutes advantage, he becomes a GC threat IMO.
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