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Tour de Langkawi

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Apr 22, 2012
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will10 said:
Didn't you end up with a Wiggins avatar by picking Kreuziger to beat Wiggins in the Romandie TT when Wiggins was looking untouchable?

Is that so, really? But possibly yes, I don't remember that. Now I have the right avatar :)
Surely, this year is Rujanos' year just like the last one or whichever one. :p
Tigerion said:
I love the riders straight over to the firetruck at the finish. Must be hot ;)

So lone leader Travis Meyer has been increasing his lead for the last hour. Came down for the first time in the last time check but still over 8 minutes.

With over 12 minutes from the leader isn't a challenger for GC. Actually thinking about it the current game would put him 2nd overall as he is about to reach the base of the climb.

Could be good for Weening and Sulzberger as they can just sit on and not do any work.

So with 30 km to go can he hold on? Not a great climber so I don't like his chances but haven't seen a proper profile of the climb, does anybody have one?

20km lost 2 minutes. 25 km to go with tab under 7 minutes lead, the climbing really starts now
Ferminal said:
Kash must have punctured.

Massive fog on Genting.

Yeah but was back with the group before the action started

Arredondo, Weening, Nino

Not sure on time gaps to Haas so podium currently Arredondo, Weening and then either Haas or Pardilla

Looks like Haas lost a lot more time than I thought
1. Arredondo
2. Weening, 1.22
3. Pardilla, 2.10
4. Stetina, 2.33
5. Wang, 2.40
6. Grmay, 2.45
7. Kolahdozhagh, st
8. Baliani 2.49
Sep 22, 2012
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So the stage was won by 30 seconds to Weening second. 1:12 to Pardilla in 4th. 1:35 to Stetina in 5th.
How good is the Ethiopian Grmay? He is only 21.
Wang lost over 5 minutes.
Looks like perfect conditions for the Colombian, who wiped the floor with the other contenders. So Mr Arredondo will now defend the jersey together with his five team mates over the next 5 stages. They are all flat, but it will not be a walk in the park.

Stage 6:


Ok, 218km in Malaysian heat and humidity? This could be 6 hours in the saddle during the hottest part of the day.
Mar 31, 2010
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very glad with koladozhag, he is the biggest iranian talent perhaps ever. he dominated asian juniors as well and he's still only 1993! glad they have a succesor to mizbani and askari who are getting old