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Tour de Romandie 2023, April 25-30

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the organizers apparently also aren't happy with Jayco because they refused to line up Balmer for his home race

Organisers are always unhappy when local riders miss a race - In saying that it was a last minute decision to withdraw Balmer.Can say that Jayco has been unhappy with Balmer's progress in his second year - Whether this is rider or team is hard to know.
This is about being confused, right? Woods seems to have had some confusing experiences with this race:

Woods Eager for success at the Tour de Romandie - Israel — Premier Tech Pro Cycling Team (israelpremiertech.com)

“Romandie is always a tricky race, after Liege-Bastogne-Liege, mentally it’s quite challenging, as you’ve done one of the hardest Monuments on the calendar, then you have to turn round and race two days later, so it’s hard. Normally I’m quite binary at this race, I feel I’m either the best guy in the peloton or the worst, so obviously I’m hoping to be on the better end of the spectrum.”
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