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Tour de Romandie 2023, April 25-30

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Also Jorgenson is moving to Jumbo Visma, unfotunately.

Very unfortunate. Why go from a leader at Movistar to a domestique at JV? Is it just the $$?
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Cheesy win


Hold on, just noticed - mainly due to @Armchair cyclist pointing it out over in the "Podiums and Prizes" thread - that the graphics people got a little confused.
What do we think about Bernal? Finished 8th at +54'. I think its good to see him good enough to climb like that, he should continue to improve. Then we can also see if his back is still a problem in grand tours.
I don't know yet. I would like to see one truly top level climbing performance first. Today he was good, but I thought he'd be better, to be honest, especially since he's not fazed by bad weather.