Tour-du-haut-var 21st Feb to 23rd Feb 2.1

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It's a shame that Clarke is still without a win since Vuelta 2018.
Sweet reverse jinx, he nailed it on Sunday in france,

"Lets Talking cyclings watch list:

Watch out for Hungarian rider Valter, with the Giro in Budapest this year he is certainly riding to prove his place in a grand tour team, although given lack of GC ambition, CCC might be happy to carry him but he did have a solid L'avenir last year with Hungary keen to start putting a cycling stamp down. . British fans, Mark Donovan makes his Sunweb debut so keep an eye out for him. "

To overview Valter had a solid race, breaking the top 10 with Masnada, Donovan with a more than respectful 38th, but no notable placing on any stage