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Tour of Denmark 2021 (10th to 14th of August)

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Remco saved the race from being a boring sprintfest. Kudos to him.
Eh, how exactly did he do that? The Vejle stage never finishes in a sprint... Maybe three-four riders in the final bur not a big sprint.

Exactly. There have been many stages won by super sprinters in this race throughout the years, but the stage in Vejle has never been one of them (since 2004).
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Great performance...

But the celebration and attitude is very off-putting. That behavior usually comes back to bite that type of person in the end.

I dont know if this translation is correct... but the saying "pride comes before a fall" just popped up in my head.

Thought the kid would have learned something "after all he has been through".
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I wouldn't be underestimating Bøgebakken in the upcoming stage.

LFR are way off when it comes to route mapping. They turned it into a bump (400 m, 6%) but it is much closer to Kiddesvej than people think.

I'd say it's 300-400 m of 10-12% based on the two times I've climbed it.

No way it's 6%. It's a little wall.
yep, there's a profile of it on Climbfinder


~6k to go from the top
Was that Mette Frederiksen, Danish prime minister starting today's stage?
And has that been the case for the three previous stages or is something special about today's departure city?
(sorry no sound and just a glimse at a 3rd screen at my office)

Yeah, it was her. I guess this stage was chosen, because it's a time trial tomorrow (she may also have other things to do, of course).
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Brian Holm said in an interview that he wasn't sure if the stage was too hard for Cav and Groenewegen shouldn't feel safe either.

It's up to Trek, DSM, Qhubeka, Lotto and the smaller teams to make this race as hard as possible.

Pedersen is my personal favorite.