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Tour of Ireland only 3 day Why????

Jul 17, 2009
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Does anyone know the real reason.
With Ireland economy , Europes most expensive place , slowing slightly, is this the reason?
I suspect not judging how busy it still is. So much sport and concerts going on.

It has been allegded that a review of the race followed severe concerns about the costs involved from the organisers Alan Rusthon and the McQuaid family.

Many in the Government wanted to ditch it completely but to save face it has been given a stay of execution as Lance and the big guns roll into town.
As it is hard to buy a decent bowl of pasta or a pizza for under 25 Euro bring plenty of cash guys.

Thank god, it is a great place and hopefully now that the organisers have had their expensive knuckles rapped it be 5 days again.
Timmy-loves-Rabo said:
haha. and here i have been hoping for a GT in holland ;)
No problem, we have 3 GT's here within a year (okay just the starts but still). Maybe if we use every suitable road in the Netherlands once we can have a GT. But we need at least 10 stages in Limburg to make the race interesting.

I'll be at Assen for the Vuelta start and will probably go to Amsterdam (Giro) and Rotterdam (Tour).

Dr. Maserati

Jun 19, 2009
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Pharazon said:

irleands economy is expected to fall 13.5% this year, by far the biggest in the (western) EU

This is what I wrote on the other thread, also Alan Ruston has already said the race will return to its 5 day format next year! Maybe he knows something about the economy that the rest of us don't!

"They said it was due to the economic climate - however I didn't see any report that Bord Failte or An post reduced their sponsorship.
In fact a new sponsor is in.
Lance is reported to have made close to $1,000,000 to ride the Tour of Australia - it would be interesting to know what he has charged for his participation.
It seems we got LA but lost two days racing - obviously he is a huge draw for the stakeholders but I dont believe it is in the best longterm interest for the race.