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Tour of Norway 2024, May 23-26

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Holly f-ck!!! I have skimmed this race a few times. I came home and saw YouTube thought I should watch stage 1 highlights. I am absolutely blown away at all the photography and natural beauty. This race is gorgeous!! People along the root are drinking beer, probably other things, but there is a decent amount of snow on the ground but most people are wearing shorts and enjoying the weather.. It's like watching a post card or travel advertisement!!
it is absolutely stunning.
You can check lanterne rouge's coverage of this race, e.g. 2022 when Remco won is something I remember, not for Remco but mostly for the landscape!
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isx8Eiz1kl8
I think there are better climbers (Lemmen, a few Norvegians...) then Nys. With great legs Nys could resist. Nys had a nice win yesterday, but I didn't have the impression he had the legs of Hungary. His period of top form has been going on for quite some time now. As a non-climber, he will have to be absolutely top to survive the steepest passages of the final climb.