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Tour of Norway 2024, May 23-26

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Some questionable riding from UNO-X and Dversnes who set the tempo with 2 Trek on his wheel and then only the 2 Trek could follow and Dversnes just stopped puling. He needs to have his team mates on his wheel when he sets the pace like that. No he just set Trek up for the win.
Ådne Holter wasn´t pleased about it in the post race interview, but he also said "Cycling isn´t easy and if it was I probably wouldn´t do it"
Nice one from Nys, a shame they didn’t ride the Giro with him this year. Vuelta is probably too late in the season and conflicts with his CX preparations

I would ditch the start of the CX season, when he should be one of Trek's best bets for those lesser late summer WT classics like Plouay or Canada (even more with Skjelmose and Pedersen scheduled to race the Vuelta) there's no need of missing that for some random Ethias crosses.

Plus, with this kind of climbing legs, wouldn't U23 Road World Championships be a goal to him?
Van Aert will either finish 2nd or 60th, no in between
Holly f-ck!!! I have skimmed this race a few times. I came home and saw YouTube thought I should watch stage 1 highlights. I am absolutely blown away at all the photography and natural beauty. This race is gorgeous!! People along the root are drinking beer, probably other things, but there is a decent amount of snow on the ground but most people are wearing shorts and enjoying the weather.. It's like watching a post card or travel advertisement!!
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