Tuesday 26th April: Tour of Romandie - Prologue: Martigny, 3.5km

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Sep 16, 2009
Zinoviev Letter said:
He's won the Australian National time trial championship and at 19 he won the U23 Worlds. I don't think that counts as not showing anything when you're talking about a 21 year old.

And in any case, the physical characteristics needed to be a top track rider and those needed to win short flat road time trials are basically the same. He'll learn to take a corner, he'll get stronger as he ages, and he'll win a whole lot of prologues.
He's never won the elite Australian National Time Trial Championships.

And you have just proven my point.

Until he develops as a road cyclist, he won't be winning any prologues or time trials at this level and won't figure up there in the standings. Yet people expect that from him because he's a world record holder on the track. Still a few years away before he wins a race like this. But due to his history, people automatically think he'll ride a solid prologue/time trial at this level. Hence he is overrated on the road at the moment.
1. Jonathan Castroviejo (Euskaltel-Euskadi) 3:40.42
2. Taylor Phinney (BMC) 3:40.69
3. Leigh Howard (HTC) 3:41.55
4. Geoffrey Lequatre (RadioShack) 3:42.37
5. David Millar (Garmin-Cervélo) 3:42.52
6. Denis Van Winden (Rabobank) 3:43.40
7. Patrick Gretsch (HTC-Highroad) 3:43.90
8. Mark Renshaw (HTC-Highroad) 3:44.06
9. Alexandre Vinokourov (Astana) 3:44.37
10. Daniele Bennati (Leopard-Trek) 3:44.42
Mar 13, 2009
lol Failor Phinney, what a joke ....

No seriously though - last year winner of Flèche du Sud prologue, now almost Romandie. Quite a leap!
very happy I'm,

Jonathan is a very talented one week racer, who is small and very aerodinamic, very good TT, it reminds me a bit to Berzin, it climbs well, and he is very technical due his body
Parrulo said:
castro doesn't mean castle :p
It does. It's an archaic word (from Latin "castrum"). Although maybe -burg would be a better translation, it's more of a fortified town rather than a castle (Jonathan Oldenburg!)

Anyway, glad for Castroviejo. I'm slightly surprised because I thought it'd take him a bit longer to be at this level, but it's not like he's come out of nowhere. Also good to see Phinney up there despite his injuries.
hrotha said:
It does. It's an archaic word (from Latin "castrum"). Although maybe -burg would be a better translation, it's more of a fortified town rather than a castle (Jonathan Oldenburg!)
castro its a small fortified village so not a castle:p

p.s. you got it right when you edited your post
Mar 19, 2009
I quite liked this short prolouge it is a good way to start it I think, kept interesting till the end too.
May 12, 2010
Bavarianrider said:
No, 2.9km race with a bunch of 90 and 180 degree corners is just a waste of a day.

Tony did perform. Nobody could excpect the diesel to make the Top 10 on sauch a tarck.
Why is that a waste of a day? It's a lot better than just another bunch sprint, with a long ITT later on there is no point in having a long prologue, a short, technical prologue is a pretty good way to start a short stage race IMO.