UAE Tour 2020, February 23- February 29

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It really is impressive especially after a not easy run-in. I continue to marvel at the kind of power these guys can put through the pedals. Velon is a great addition to the sport.
Oct 18, 2012
26 seconds at 1060W is absurdly strong. Just shows how good Caleb is on this finish.
It's good but I wouldn't call it exactly 'absurdly strong' just based on the numbers... my best 25s power is 1000W and I'm an unremarkable amateur of Chris Horner's age... I know plenty of Cat 2-3 types in my neck of the woods that have way better numbers when fresh. In context of course it changes - doing this after a long stage with a hard ridden finale is what may make it stand out (real nice lead-out by De Buyst for Ewan btw).