UCI to ban supertuck descending starting April 1st.

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Regarding bottles, I think many of them are now completely biodegradable within a year when exposed to the elements. At least that is what says in the team issues of many bottles (from Tacx and one or two from Elite) that I have.

Gel and bar packages are the ones I see being more harmful. But then again, what do these weigh when empty? Don't see the need for the riders to dispose of them.
Simple solution: Every rider gets a catheter inserted, which they will be allowed to empty in designated zones during the races. This will also make it easier for anti doping authorities to collect and test urine samples. Producers would also know when to cut away from "the action".
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out i pee in the woods etc..............................but NOT in full view of others

Mark L
I only pee on people, that word starts with pee when spoken, so I thought that was the point?

No, but they have to do it somewehere, and I generally think they try avoiding it near spectators and I definitely do not think this is an area that requires further regulation.
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So are the UCI pretending that today's bottle throw to a kid from Carthy, clearly picked up on TV, didn't happen, or is this the effective announcement that gifted bottles are not considered littering, or are riders left to guess which attitude the commissaires will take on any given day?
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It for sure makes you question UCI competence.

P.S. Results in areas, such as doping prevention, child and adult abuse and harassment prevention, some general sense of on how they managed to improve riders safety on races ... here they have my full support. What they do instead, like this April Fool's Day package, that just make them look like fools. Abusing the weakest link, individual rider, and try to show their power. At least until the whole peloton will refuse to ride a prominent race or stage. Then what.
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