Teams & Riders Vincenzo Nibali discussion thread

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With the form Thomas is showing I am very worried about his chances at Giro ( I haven't watched the stages today and yesterday because they were not broadcasted but Thomas looked very good so far, right? )
Please, Nibali, we need you to prevent the Thomas win...

Yes, Thomas looks on his way to become his old self circa 2019, not his older self before 2018. Yates looks also good, but to quote Nibali last year "I’m interested in seeing how Yates performs because he said we all need to ‘go to the toilet." It's shaping up to be quite a competition.
I was an inch away from pushing the panic button yesterday but I'm back trusting the Shark today.
Looked cool, kept his watts in check, even tried an attack. Yates might be unbeatable if he's in 2018 form, but Nibali will fight for the podium.

Missed most of the stage, checked the race thread here, read about Nibali attack, then nothing, saw the finish and had to leave again. Nibs didn't arrive yet. All good I'm told.
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