Vincenzo Nibali discussion thread

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Good news. Ciccone should resume training soon.
Almost 3 weeks till the start of the Giro, so I guess he should be good to go. Likely not in top shape in the first week but he might be very helpful later in the race.
He was decent in Lombardia was he not. Unless there's been some hidden illness I think we're just witenssing the Slongo apporach. I'm not gonna get worried until he's actually dropped badly in the giro.
It's not like that Slongo approach is always working though. Losing time early in gt's has been a huge problem for Nibali and usually him being sh*t in the first week has a strong correlation with him being absolutely nowhere in the prep races.

To add to that, there is that little race called world championships shortly before the giro so if there has ever been a year where I hoped he would slightly change his approach it was this
I like the positivity but i m afraid the giro is gonna be a disaster. With this form he s gonna lose minutes on the etna which is on the third day if i m not mistaken. It s obvious he s worried too if his social media accounts are anything to go by. Total blackout since the 6th of september. No motivational posts or anything like that.
He was pretty good in paris Nice before the lockdown and they were aimaing to be in good shape right after the lockdown. Things obviously didnt work out as intended but the worrying thing is that he doesnt seem to get any better with some racing in the legs. Its a bit like bernal who was decent in dauphine but instead of getting better he s getting worse.
I’m expecting nothing special in the Giro anymore. He wanted to be decent directly after the Corona break I thought. I’m happy Tirreno is over because I don’t want to see more bad performances anymore for now :oops:


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