Teams & Riders Vincenzo Nibali discussion thread

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More from Nibali before the start:

"I'm back from a dark period and it would be important for me to win here. Cycling and sport are made of cycles and for various reasons, recently, I haven't been able to express myself at my best. Anyway, I think I still have something to give. Surely the most suitable stage for me will be the last one. Moreover, I know the roads very well since I've trained very often in these parts. The main objective, however, is to arrive at the best at the Giro di Lombardia. I don't know if I'll continue to race after 2022, but I'll surely stay in cycling and I'd like to wear the blue jersey one last time".
First somewhat of a test, not quite his cup of tea but it's not a garage ramp, 3km at 6.2%, I'd say top 10.
It looks similar to stage 1 in the Tour. And there he didn't have his best legs and was still comfortable in the group.

I don't want to have too high expectations but I think top 10 is easily achievable on this finish with the shallow startlist. Certainly no steep ramps to explode on.

And hopefully after Luxembourg some rest has improved the condition. I didn't even realise he started in Frankfurt until today.
What a great performance. Attacking decisively in the climb. Having the legs to stay away. Increasing the gap on the descent. A masterclass. And I know is a small race.

A shame now he will be more marked by rivals next Saturday. I wish a little more under the radar. But its worth it to win the home race.

And yes, organisers did their best to gift the race to him with this stage. But he finished the job