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No Sanremo :(

"I've been stopped too long, you can't improvise"
Italy's latest winner of the Classicissima drops out:
He had Covid, then tonsillitis and fever.
With only 5 days in the legs: “I don't feel like doing [Sanremo].
I don't have the base, I don't have the condition,
I don't know how I am yet "
The return to the peloton of Vincenzo Nibali at the Milan-Torino
(but not on Saturday at the Milan-Sanremo), :
"I'm a little better, but we have to go step by step.
Between Covid and tonsillitis , I lost almost 20 days.
It was serious, because I contracted the streptococcal bacteria, even ended up in the emergency room.
And I took antibiotics for eight days.
In Italiano here:
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The return to the peloton of Vincenzo Nibali at the Milan-Torino
(but not on Saturday at the Milan-Sanremo), :

In Italiano here:
It will be Great just to see him on the road again! Zero expectations except to gain some strength in his legs.
I'm wondering whether Vincenzo should skip the Giro this year. I doubt it , because he loves the Giro and his tifosi, and probably a big deal to Astana to have nibali in the Giro.

But with his February break, I feel like he should use the racing legs from coppi bartali and carry them into dwars door, ronde van vlaanderan, Amstel, Roubix and Liege. Give the classics a go.

Then go to altitude and get the climbing level for the tdf. He can take 3 mins on pagacar and roglic in the cobbles.

Then use vuelta as training for Lombardia.

Means too much to have him the top Italian rider in the Giro with his fans. But this is a different idea.

It's the progamme I wish he did in 2020 as well
In a week from now Nibali will start Giro di Sicilia, 4 stages, last one Etna (Piano Provenzana). Have no idea what's next after that, should be training at altitude right now but no news whatsoever.
Don't know what he is doing. I thought after the Coppi he can go to Dwars door and De Ronde, maybe Roubaix, amstel, Liege. He had decent legs and Astana sponsors could have done with him at those races.

If he's doing the Giro, he needs an altitude camp. So if he races Sicilia, that means no Liege if he wants to be in the best condition for Giro. Alternatively, he does the ardennes after Sicilia and the Giro is a parade for him.

Astana is a total shambles right now without Lutsenko. Superman comes back for Trentino in 2 weeks and they need him desperately. I don't understand the Vicnenzo participation at the Giro. If he wants a parade, he can do it next year (already last year he did it).

Or come back from altitude for Liege and skip Sicilia
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