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Volta ao Algarve 2022 (February 16-20)

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Meeus was apologizing to Kristoff shortly after the finish, so it seems even he himself thought it was a bit on the edge.
According to Kristoff Meeus said he 'had to go there', that doesn't sound like an apology to me.
nope, Meus changed his line and interferred Kristoff's sprint, look at the sprint again and you will see
Meeus changed his line because Jakobsen did so too. That doesn't make it a perfectly clean sprint but like I said, I don't think he went too far there. I've rewatched the sprint twice so there's no need for the condescension.
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Remco pulls are so hard it tires every one out, because the guys on his wheel are barely holding on. Theres no advantage being on his wheel. You have to pull just as hard just to be able to stay on his wheel. Some power the guy has, and his low position on the bike just leaves the rider behind exposed.
I'd be very interested to hear how his teammates feel about those pulls. This one basically nuked the competition but he almost nuked his team doing it. :D
Küng has absolutely no chance with Foia and Malhao finishes. It’s not even a given that he will beat Remco in the tt. Pidcock hasnt really shown anything in stage racing (at pro level) yet. McNulty seems to be in stellar shape but is very inconsistent climbing wise.
I’m not particularly fond of Remco, but you have to be quite biased to not acknowledge that he is a big, big favourite for this race.
All good points. However, if Remco wins the next thing you will hear is that he only wins minor stage races and we don't know how he will do in a GT. I find these sort of comments helpful for insomnia.
I'd be very interested to hear how his teammates feel about those pulls. This one basically nuked the competition but he almost nuked his team doing it. :D

They won and Jakobsen finished it off quite easy against some weak competition. Jakobsen of course not gonna say anything bad publicly, but as you said Remco really nuked everyone and some of his teammates. Maybe more efficient than what is necessary.

Lampaert, I think it was, looked like he was having a lot of trouble being the guy right behind Remco. He had to dig deep just to follow. It will be hard to do that every time, multiple times, during a stage race for everyone involved.

If Remco is gonna keep being a part of the lead-out he does not have to go full gas and maybe a different position on the bike, if it is possible, could benefit those behind him in a better way. Most important is that he probably manages his effort in a more resourceful way. As he does more work like this and gets more experience, I hope those aspects improve. They will work on it and will get better the more they practice in races to make the lead-out perfect. Im just nit-picking the execution. Because who wouldnt want a guy as strong as that in your team doing the lead-out and keeping your team infront.