Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2020: Stage 11 (Villaviciosa › Alto de La Farrapona. Lagos de Somiedo 170km)

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It's certainly possible that he was doing like Basso and Liquigas in the days of yore. I'd believe it in a heartbeat if Roglič didn't have previous.
Sure, and I certainly criticized them in the Tour, but it's clear here that Roglic has the most mileage this season, and that he generally prefers an easier race. And even he will have ups and downs, and having no racing on your worse days is no bad thing. If fatigue is his worst enemy, why should he and his team make the race?
Sure, there is never a reason until suddenly there is.
And Pogačar wasn't Pogačar either until he pulled a Pogačar.
This is the phrase for everyone in this forum. They talk about weak and strong contenders after the fact. About strategy changes after the fact. Pogacar wasn't Pogacar until he pulled a Pogacar!!!! LOL.

I learned this from the Tour: Attack when you are strong. Don't fear fatigue because it is going to come anyway. This was Contador and Froome's modus operandi.


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