Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2020: Stage 6 (Biescas - Aramón Formigal, 146.6 km)

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If I was Roglic, I'd give up leader's jersey for a few days... No need to defend it the whole way until Madrid and waste his team... Just keep it within sights, less than a minute... Let Movistar and DQS do some work...

And yes, I'm aware of the Vuelta being cancelled any second now, as some here suspect, due to Covid, but that ain't happening. Spaniards would never allow it... We are going all the way!!!
Looks like you’re getting your wish...
Crazy that a JV team with Kuss, Bennett, Dumoulin et al could just fall apart on what on paper is not a brutally hard stage. I thought that Roglic took red too early; now I'm convinced it was a mistake. Their TdF guys may not have recovered from their thrashing by WvA. :)

Carapaz otoh looking real good.