Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2021: Stage 17 (Unquera - Lagos de Covadonga, 185.8 km)

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If Roglič hadn't gone with Bernal (ok a risky move maybe, but nothing stupid about it), we would have had the same outcome but gaps would have been a lot smaller. Maybe a couple of small attacks by Mas and MAL, but nothing major would have happened. Now, luckily, we've seen one of the best stages of the year. Kudos to Bernal for igniting the whole thing, he just ran into a better champion. He has a chance tomorrow to attack the Movistar duo for a place on the podium.
Can we talk about Movistar now? or do we need to wait for tomorrow?

They need to learn to take risks. But let's wait until tomorrow because a lot of things can happen tomorrow.
Yes, shoulda went all out 90's style with clinicky stuff. Then it would seem like a tactical masterclass dropping Roglic with 4 minutes.

Unfortunately, when you arent that strong, its hard to look good tactically.

Its really not that hard to understand. Get beat by a far superior rider, it is what it is. As I said before, ITS NOT MORE COMPLICATED THAN THAT.
Tomorrow's finishing climb

Is this one of those rare moments we can unironically say some riders will pay for their effort?
Can someone give me a recap? I only got on with about 8 Ks to go...
I figured that Elissonde abandonded, and this time it was actually him. Eiking crashed. And there was some attacking...
Chaos all day, but Bernal attacked balls deep on the penultimate climb, only Roglic followed, they had 45s on the top, bombed down the descent, and Roglic cooperated and they gained more time in the valley until it started dropping just before the bottom of Covadonga. Then Roglic started riding on Covadonga and dropped Bernal straight off the wheel, and gained about ~10s on the guys behind him on the climb.