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Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2023, stage 13: Formigal - Col du Tourmalet, 134.7k

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A 3 GT's Kuss guy looked more fresh on finish line than Vingo and Rogla combined. At present I don't think the internal pecking order will have changed in Madrid.

Pre Vuelta start had doubts Remco prevailing against Rogla and Vingo in terrain as of today unless success of concervative riding.
Adding the Kuss parameter into the equation I now think took more on Remco than we could see.

Really a pity for the race that the most serious contender couldn't stand the distance on for him the most challenging stage. But Bahrain cracked up the wound and TJV ate up, mercilessly.
Though at times hard to witness, I was fully entertained, both speaking breakaway, the Bahrain jump letting Landa a chance, Vingo's vicious downhill catch of the Bahrain boys and Kuss (try and see it again, he really excels an Il Falco 2.0 at that moment), cheering for Almeida not giving in, cheering for Soler, hope for the u thinkable, cheering for Kron, cheering for Storer, cheering for Vingo when a moment seemed able to turn table upside down, cheered for Kuss demonstrating who was really the strongest, and lots of other details so much more worth it than a stage for accountants.

And now skimming thread posts here, also cheering for the enthusiasm, even the sad songs of regret, disbelief and misanthropy. Just proves to me that this stage was different to the one of yesterday :p

But haven't listened to any post stage interviews yet, I bet Remco had some illness in him, seemingly not knowing any of himself - in a pre race interview just before the gun and every behavior radiated happy days.

From here on I just hope he is not ill and will fight back with a heck of stage (for a historic stage win that is).

And hope UAE and Bahrain still have loads of motivation to try and break the TJV chains.
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Valverde actually won one. Never attacked once. Most boring race I ever watched; 2009 Vuelta.
Cobo getting disqualified ruined my favourite stat about that race though. Until he was declassified meaning Valverde won the La Granja de San Ildefonso stage in the final week, the highest placed rider on the GC to win a stage in that race was...Philip Deignan.
Durango Unchanged
Kuss of Death
Ac-Sepp Defeat
Pulp Fiction- special Remco remix..

Today was lights out and the final group all rode exceptionally.. Really thought that Roglic would lose contact, we was gapping a little and I didn't see him w the calories for 3rd place.. Super great ride by Jumbo and Gesink put some serious wattage on the base of the climb.. Big contributor..
Jumbo was all Kuss and Vingegaard.
There's gotta be a joke in that, somewhere.
I didn‘t know you could like anything involving the name Deignan.
Well, the guy just seems to be completely vanilla. He had a long and pretty reasonable career, but the only things I remember about it are him winning that stage in Ávila in the 2009 Vuelta (and Sean Kelly finally getting off his case, he'd been getting very angry about him doing a Francis de Greef, saying "nobody will remember you coming 11th, get in a breakaway!"), complaining that Purito punched him, and being a hypocritical tool in 2016 with his airing PFP's private life in public whilst begging for his wife's privacy to be respected when she got her suspension reprieve.
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WTF was that? JV toying with rivals the whole stage, smoking Remco and taking top3 on Tourmalet with the trio of their skeletors! Vingegaard was stronger than I expected. Congrats on a great win. I thought his attacks (even on Spendelles) were more like a bait but after the last one he managed to keep going to the end. Kuss very strong as well, Primoz looked actually the weakest of JV guys today but still in contention. The race is JV's internal mater now but Ayuso, Mas and 20 yo phenom Uijtderbroeks were fighting very well so congrats to them too. As for Remco, one of the worst day on a bike for him surely.
Congratulations to Jonas Vingegaard Rasmussen for winning the queen stage.

Wow, what a stage. Fully delivered. When it comes to strength and tactics it was a JV masterclass. Almeida sick and that should explain on why he was distanced early. Riding such a stage while being sick is heroic. Although they don't want to say it out loud i feel that Evenepoel was riding sick today too. So JV planned to make a move today, likely targeting Evenepoel, and as only Mas and a couple of youngsters where left on the Tourmalet. That resulting in podium sweep by JV. Gesink and Kelderman doing a massive job today. Jonas winning the stage, Kuss firmly in the race leaders jersey and Roglič riding tactically smart and preserving some energy for stages to come. The main problem now i guess is who. Who can challenge Kuss. Overall hence might already be decided. We'll see.
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