What bike

Jul 7, 2009
hi to all,im in the market on buying a road bike and after seeing quite a few,im totally confused now.can spend $4000-$5000.prefer carbon.appreciate all help i can receive.
also what brand bike cadel evans is riding in 09 tour de france.
regards menace
Mar 18, 2009
Plenty of other similar threads. Bottom line: go to your local bike shop and test ride bikes in your price range. The choice depends on your preferred terrain, intended use, and what handling characteristics you would like.

Silence-Lotto are riding Canyon bikes. They rode Ridley last year.
LBS ftw! Support your local shop! That's my best advice.

I would also advise spending closer to $2000; $4000 bikes are pretty unneccesary for anyone who isn't in France right now.