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What kind of Smoking Gun Evidence will come out in the LA Lawsuit?

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Feb 21, 2010
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Jun 19, 2009
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Oldman said:
I don't think the evidence will be dramatic and will disappoint those waiting for the visual trainwreck. What will likely be key evidence is some mundane but illegal transfer of money for illegal products. Everyone connected will be tainted pretty much like Balco but in this instance I think Novitsky is going for a big fish and LA is not that target. LA is public but I have a hunch it's possibly Weisel and connections he has made. I have no evidence but it seems he is a sizeable target and he knows other big timers.
Lance will be a slow wreck and is losing endorsement steam right now. For those that relish him in pain he is hurting now, I'll bet.

Considering Levi's current situation it looks like the Fish might be the UCI and related folks. Novitsky would still be interested in drug products and money not UCI's fraudulent international activities, though.
May 7, 2009
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here is another article.


Shows a little more detail


a funny thing in the Velonews article is that it starts out saying that this race is in the fall, but the dates are in August. Isn't the last day of summer next year on September 21st/22nd or thereabouts ????

Quote from the Govenor: ".....We have this passion for cycling that exists in Colorado, unlike a lot of other places in the United States.”
Very true, I would think..
Jun 13, 2010
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ManInFull said:
Well, I don't think has has to be officially be found "guilty" of anything to suffer in the public's eye. As long as there are multiple cyclists, associates, etc. from the US Postal days who confirm most of what FL said, LA will suffer immensely.

Frankly, I am not sure how much LA will suffer in the public eye.

What's amazing is that ****-face carries on today in CO as if business as usual? What is even more amazing are the crowds that turned out to support him? This should give us all some idea that even if he is exposed as a fraud (which we all know is true), that the vast majority of his yellow-band wearing clones will never believe the lie and how he cheated and defrauded them?

Why is this? Why do major sponsors continue to back him; and why does the UCI, C-USA and the TOUR stand by him? In addition to it all coming down to MONEY – as most corporate entities are all *****s anyway – it's the "C" word that drives it in the end. LA’s story – fraud that it most likely is – was one that could not have been scripted in Hollywood, and American’s love a great comeback story, especially if it has a cancer element to it; it resonates with so many people.

If someone said to you, go stand over by that tree and let me shoot you at fairly close range with a shotgun, you may live or you may die, or we are going to give you cancer and then treat for it, you may live or you may die, what option would you take? I know what option I would take.

I have never been a big GL fan – and my next comment will likely get me slammed, but is in NO way meant to downplay what people with cancer go through, as I never had it so I have no clue, but three close members of my family have died from it; one currently has it; and one has been cured of it — but I always felt GL's near death experience and return to the top was a far greater accomplishment than LA's.

It's all about the "C" word. Few people ever get shot at close range with a shotgun, live to talk about and, much less go on to compete at the highest level of a professional sport after such an event. But everyone knows someone that has cancer or died from it . . . 28M worldwide. That is a pretty big fan club for LA, and it will be pretty hard to turn his legion of supporters against him absent vids of him shooting up, and even then most of his fans could care less.