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Who will win the 2023 Vuelta a España

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Who will win?

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Ronald McDonald.

Correct. Red shoes and a yellow suitcase for the Tour/Vuelta double

He's been really ill back and forth for a while. He says it's reaccuring sepsis. Sounds weird to me, but definitely it's serious. Not like he's gonna fall dead down but definitely worrying.
If it is sepsis he definitely could “fall dead down”. Sepsis isn’t a joke and can snowball quickly into septic shock if he doesn’t or isn’t able to seek treatment.
Hot in Barcelona - phew! Luckily cooler weather moving in - apparently!


In the Catalan capital, the temperature at midnight on Wednesday was close to 30C after daytime temperatures hit 38.8C, breaking the previously recorded high of 37.4C set in 2010. Humidity is also high, adding to a sensation of suffocating heat.
Text messages have been sent to 3,600 vulnerable people advising them how to protect themselves from the heat and directing them to their nearest “climate refuge”, air-conditioned spaces with drinking fountains.
The city has launched an emergency plan to water its 310,000 trees after a palm tree fell and killed a young woman this month.
Spain has been hit by four successive heatwaves since June, with temperatures in excess of 40C expected across the country on Thursday. Cooler weather is forecast for the weekend except for the south-east.

Edit add - looks like rain might be a big problem over the weekend. Cooked tarmac followed by a good downpour always causes problems.
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