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Why Is It?

May 24, 2010
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So with the recent admission by Margarita Fullana for EPO use it brings a question to my mind.

As Margarita states, This was the first time she had used “illegal” substances in her career.

Now my question is, why do so many cyclists claim that it was the "first time"? I mean gee what tough luck they must have to get caught their first time? Why can't they just come clean for crying out load.
Because they want to protect their previous results, obviously. Low-fat confessions are a rider's way to assure everyone that they're the real deal, they had the talent, they weren't a fraud. It's much easier to accept you didn't have it in your last few years, when you were old, than to admit you never really knew how far you could get by yourself.

Note also she still said she didn't benefit from the EPO.


Jul 16, 2010
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Ridiculous - she's worked with Gert-Jan Theunisse for years. All of his proteges have been on the sauce. His trail of turd goes back to the early 1990s in XC MTB racing.