Škoda Tour de Luxembourg 2021 (September 14-18)

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Another example is how he always says that Gaviria was a much bigger talent than Sagan. I mean, it's just incredible what he sees. But yeah, that also fits with him having worked with Gaviria (and then apparently completely forgotten how Sagan entered the pro scene).

Gaviria was also pretty impressive when he bursted onto the scene. He clearly reached the same level as Sagan, but at the time you weren't a fool for thinking he had the pontential, especially not with Quick Step backing him.
I assume no one else but me cares about it, but today when Kenny Molly was interviewed I swear I thought they were sending the wrong image with a different sound. He and Almeida have like identical voices. :eek: It wasn't until he mentioned the "mountain jersey" I knew for sure it wasn't Almeida speaking!
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Ben O' Connor in the breakaway.

Eurosport 1 running stage 2 currently, while stage 3 is on. Bummed they never broadcast the whole race apart from TdF. Seeing breakaways form is sometimes almost as exciting as the end of a race.
Ewans leadout being in the break must mean that there's actually somethinig wrong with Ewan, so he probably abandoned.

If it's just a minor sickness like in Tirreno, good form at Worlds is still possible, but I doubt it'll happen.
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